Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Process Driven Sales- Step Up Or Be Left Behind

Just read an interesting post that talks about Process Driven Sales

It reminds me of just how much the art of sales has turned into the science of sales. Everyday I watch sales people struggling to find new ways to drive new business into the pipeline and forecast more accurately.

Ironically, in many organizations, one thing holding them back is the lousy relationship that still exists between marketing and sales teams. It's something that will soon - I'm convinced - go the way of the Dodo, because companies that can't get past that tired old rivalry will never survive.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cold Calling - Call Display and Connecting

The debate rages endlessly. Does Cold Calling Work?

If you read most the the leading edge marketing writers and Sales 2.0 experts, it seems that the consensus is that Cold Calling is dead because no-one wants to get cold calls. Well, since no one ever wanted to get cold calls, I don't think of that as much of a rationale.

What I did just notice was a post to a group on Linked In with the heading
"Does Cold Calling Work? Stop Does.." written by Jeff Goldberg Thanks for the "Stop Whining" in the header Jeff.

I'm totally with Jeff on this one. Cold calling works. It always has and it always will. I'll also add that most sales people have always hated cold calling and that's not likely going to change either.

The biggest hurdle - besides being willing to simply pick up the phone, is making the connection to the person you want to reach. Of all the aspects of cold calling, nothing has changed as dramatically as the connection rate. Only 5 years ago, you could easily expect to reach at least 10 out of every 100 business contacts on your list. Now that number is averaging between 2-7. Gate keepers are probably less of an obstacle than they used to be, but now one of the culprits is Call Display. they don't know you, they don't know what you want and they aren't going to pick up the phone.

Time to make Call Display work to your advantage. Never fail to leave a voicemail when you don't connect. Identify yourself and the purpose of your call. Be short, clear, respectful and lead with your benefit.

Combine a short message like this with some intelligent persistence and patience and when you eventually the name and number that appear on Call Display when you call will be familiar enough to help you make that connection.